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Monday, December 31, 2007

End of the Year

You know, I had intended to review this entire year - that idiot movie I starred in, political events that all sucked, fires and floods and disasters, late movie rental fees and burnt toast - and how you can look forward to next year being just as bad, if not worse, and maybe talk about my New Years Resolution (To continue to Hate things with the same vigor that I do now), but frankly, something far more important came up.

Specifically, this monstrosity.Ok Hasbro, Takara, whoever is making this slag, I *know* it's your job to take my name and abuse it by slapping it on as many half-scrapped products as you can, but come on guys. You aren't even trying anymore, are you. I mean, look at that pathetic... thing. It's not even bad in the 'they tried to make me cute' way. This is just... so... sad. If it were a man on the street, even *I'd* give it money for looking so darn sad.

I think that image sums up this previous year pretty well, actually. Just. Plain. Pathetic. Like all you human fleshbags. If it weren't so depressing, I'd take another trip up to Rhode Island. Yep, 2008 is going to be one more great year, isn't it. Bet nobody goes one week without breaking all their New Years resolutions.

(The funny part is, that poor thing up there isn't the worst of them. Look at this line up, and weep.)

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Ironhide said...

Well, at least that toy resembles yourself. My toy in that line looks like friggin' Kup.