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Name's Bonecrusher. If you're reading this, I hate you. If you're not reading this, I hate you. Actually, I just hate you period. In fact, I hate everything. This blog examines the subtleties and complexities about this mindset, which flashbags like yourselves can only hope to ever achieve. Good luck with that.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Long Distance Driving

It's a long way back home from Rhode Island, and these freeways are driving me crazy.

You see, as you've probably guessed, I hate driving. But I hate driving down slow freeways more. There's no other drivers to harass, annoy, or generally crush on these long, barren stretches of asphalt. I can muck up the roads for future drivers, but that gets boring after a while.

I don't actually hate driving in busy traffic - or at least, not as much. I know that's one of the few things you fleshbags consistently do hate, and it is something I completely understand - though, I can't imagine why you then elect to go through with it every morning. After all, what could be possibly more frustrating then sitting in one place unable to get where you are going? However, I have ways of coping. And by that, I do, of course mean 'clearing traffic with the most violent means possible.' That scoop on my front is good for these kind of things. You know those jerks on cell phones? Heh. Heh. Heh. If I could capture the look on their faces, I'd be the richest robot on this planet, with the possible exception of Bill Gates.

I've been tracking distance hurling records. I'm fairly sure I hold the record for the 'scoop car toss' at 423 feet. If anyone dares try and challenge my record, I'll gladly accept it. Assuming, of course, they survive to the face-off. I have ways of keeping that from happening.

Maybe I'll do that when I get back. Until then, it's a long boring road... Bah.

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