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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Security Details

You know how they say Security guys are dumb? They aren't.

In addition to selling out our name to Children, Hasbro apparently also apparently hires Cybertronians as security guards. Now, I already hate these guys from my War Days, but them keeping me from entering Hasbro HQ was worse.

You would think that the kind of guys who fell for Megatron's idiot schemes on a daily basis would be easy to sneak by. But nooooo... They could tell right away that I was not a former Hasbro employee. Apparently, getting your name plastered over Hasbro packaging does not give you free rights to enter the building.

Neither does telling the truth work. I don't understand what the big deal is with letting an angry Decepticon into the Hasbro main building. I just wish to enter into some peaceful discourse with Hasbro's COO, Brian Goldner. Granted, it is unlikely he would survive such discourse, but that's what he gets for putting my name on those horrendous... things.

So, naturally, my discussion with these two Autobots escalated into a heated argument, and by the time all was said and done, I had been forcibly removed from Rhode Island, and barred from ever returning there. SOmething to do with excessive property damage. I didn't even touch the Hasbro building, though the shopping mall several blocks down got well demolished.

Since it's now obvious that I'm not going to get into Hasbro HQ that way, I find myself with a small bit of indecision. I hate Hasbro more than anything else at the moment, but I can't get into their HQ to express my displeasure. I shall ponder this for some time. You're safe for the moment Hasbro. For the moment.

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