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Friday, February 29, 2008


There was one more Email I got last week, and it was too... irritating to let go to waste.



Você acabou de receber um Telegrama Online dos: correios
O "Novo Telegrama" está cheio de novidades,
mais uma coisa não mudou, quem recebe, lê!

Para ler seu telegrama clique aqui ou na imagem

*Serviço disponivel 24 horas por dia.

Após o processo de recepção,todo o trâmite será automático, não há intermidiação humana durante o processamento interno no SGM, oque confere total confidencialidade, confiabilidade e segurança ao conteúdo da mensagem.

Dear Whoever Sent me this mail: WHAT?

It linked back to this, which I have no idea what it is, and had a bunch of other dead links in it. Apparently, someone things I know - what is that supposed to be? Spanish? Not according to every online translator I could find.

A little more research turns up the fact that it's Portugese. I don't even know where that's supposed to be. I hunted down Squawktalk (Another war buddy - language specialist. Was useful when we first landed on Earth, hasn't been useful since.) so I could try and decipher this mysterious message, which may have been incredibly important, or at least amusing. It somehow managed to be neither.

TELEGRAM NUMBER OF THE TELEGRAM: 795315681 IDENT: INF045968745BR You it finished to receive a Online Telegram from: post offices the "New Telegram" is full of new features, plus a thing did not move, who receives, reads! To read its telegram here click or in the image below. * Service disponivel 24 hours per day. After the reception process, all the proceeding will be automatic, does not have intermidiação human being during the internal processing in the SGM, oque confers total confidencialidade, trustworthiness and security to the content of the message.
I really don't think I can top that.

So, today I learned that the wonders of the internet allow people to send me messages that don't work in languages I can't read. If it weren't so pathetically sad, it would be funny.


Anonymous said...


Spam is always pathetic.

And Portugal is right next to Spain.

Anonymous said...

Esse email é do Brasil, no serviço de correios e telégrafos daqui

Anonymous said...

Normally its from Brazilian online postoffice. only thing is, this is prolly some kind of trojan. I got it from a business contact, so i opened it. The downloaded file being an executable got me worried, but with my up-to-date virusscanner i thought what the hell... Virusscanner (eset) stayed quiet and the .exe stayed in memory. I killed it, but after reboot (i just found out) it was again loaded into memory. My guess is that this program sends itself to your msn contacts. So, now my quest begins to remove this f***er.