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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

AIM and Stuff

So I ran into Starscream the 0ther day, online. I recorded the conversation for prosperity.

(ScreamingtheStars) Ah, Bonecrusher, it's good to see you're on.
(BonecrusherHates) The slagging heck it is. What do you want?
(ScreamingtheStars) Actually, I was hoping you could do me a favor.
(ScreamingtheStars) ...
(ScreamingtheStars) Are you there?
(BonecrusherHates) I didn't want to dignify that with a response. Ok, what?
(ScreamingtheStars) Ok, you know how I am infinitely more popular then you?
(BonecrusherHates) I had an inkling. *rolleyes*
(ScreamingtheStars) It's not as great as you think. And that's why I'm asking you.
(ScreamingtheStars) You see, I've got a bunch of, well, I think the proper term is 'fangirls'
(ScreamingtheStars) The won't leave me alone! They cluster outside my house, and yell that they love me.
(BonecrusherHates) Wow. I almost feel pity for you.
(BonecrusherHates) Almost.
(ScreamingtheStars) Well, the thing is... I want them gone. And since you like doing this kind of thing, I was wondering if you'd, you know, take care of them for me.
(BonecrusherHates) ...
(ScreamingtheStars) It would be a huge favor. I'd owe you big time.
(BonecrusherHates) Normally, I would jump on a chance to kill a bunch of innocents like that.
(BonecrusherHates) But then something occurs to me.
(BonecrusherHates) You were one of the most feared Decepticons in the war.
(ScreamingtheStars) Well, yes. But what does that have to do with anything?
(BonecrusherHates) Answer me this.
(BonecrusherHates) I once heard you brag that you could take 50 Autobots on at the same time.
(BonecrusherHates) And then you went out and did it.
(BonecrusherHates) Which, by the way, is the only reason Megatron never slagged you.
(BonecrusherHates) So if you can handle 50 Autobots all by yourself
(ScreamingtheStars) ....
(ScreamingtheStars) Because...
(BonecrusherHates) I'm waiting.
(ScreamingtheStars) I'd feel bad.
(BonecrusherHates) That's it. I'm sending this to Megatron.
(ScreamingtheStars) Go ahead. He's got his own squad of fangirls moping after him.
(BonecrusherHates) Somehow, I'm not surprised.
(ScreamingtheStars) Thanks for nothing.
(BonecrusherHates) You're welcome.
(BonecrusherHates) You know, it occurs to me that if your AIM name got out, then the 'fangirls' would have an entirely new way to harass you.
(ScreamingtheStars) ...
(ScreamingtheStars) You wouldn't slagging dare.
(BonecrusherHates) Oh. Would I?
(BonecrusherHates) :D
(ScreamingtheStars) I hate you.

Ps: Don't try. He deleted it already.


Anonymous said...

Well, had you had more screentime, instead of just getting a really long sword shoved through your throat (ew... innuendo), I woulda thought you were cute too. Haha. I'm definitely not a fangirl of Megs, though. I mean, it took OPTIMUS PRIME to kill you .. and your boss gets offed by a friggin human kid. What a waste.

Soundwave said...

I feel his pain, I have plenty of fans outside my door, but I just transform and sneak out with someone, heh.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I forget how crazy some fangirls can be. I like Starscream and all, but I'm not THAT obsessed with him. I don't believe in stalking someone 24/7 and constantly confessing my love for them. I think you're pretty lucky to not have to deal with all of those fangirls, Bonecrusher. I'd hate to see how much angrier you'd get if you had tons of fangirls like Starscream, if that's even possible for you to get angrier that is.


Anonymous said...

The thing is, the movie made Starscream ugly, so I don't know why fangirls like him, he looked better back when he was a F-15 (not to mention that Armada did him no favours).

Weasel said...

I don't feel bad for Starscream at all.

I hate Starscream.