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Name's Bonecrusher. If you're reading this, I hate you. If you're not reading this, I hate you. Actually, I just hate you period. In fact, I hate everything. This blog examines the subtleties and complexities about this mindset, which flashbags like yourselves can only hope to ever achieve. Good luck with that.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Campaign Ad

On the advice of my Campaign Manager, an ad was written, set up, and shot. This is the result.

He's fired now.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I'd fire him too. I can't even think of a witty comment to add after seeing that. I do know that Sunny isn't happen that I just spit energon all over him in reaction to that video.


K Marie said...

It's a shame there wasn't enough footage of you destroying things ... the people have the right to see you in action! For instance, the crash through the bus could have been symbolic of hatred toward public transportation...
-- I'm the one that mentioned Youtube, btw.

TechnoChef said...

You only fired him? You mean, you didn't fire AT him?

Anonymous said...

You hate everything right? What are your views on the 'internet hate machine'? These "super hackers on steroids" hate alot of things too. Currently they are focusing on The Church of Scientology.

I would think you would make natural allies.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bonecrusher, why are you using Gmail? Don't you have some kind of super advanced programming that hooks you into the internet? Can't you just recieve messeges?

Also, do you hate Corey Feldman as much as I do?

Spekkio said...

I can see why you fired said guy, and by fired, I assume you mean killed. That campaign ad was awful. There was even a spelling error!

You should be doing something more like what Cobra Commander is doing:

I mean, that's the stuff!
And you'll note that G4 gives free air time to unconventional candidates like you. You should get in touch with them.