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Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I got another email in my inbox that deserves it's own post.

Hey there, Bonecrusher.

I've been keeping an eye out for any news for the Transformers sequel that I can manage to get my hands on. I've heard that the Constructicons might be in the Transformers sequel, but if that were the case wouldn't that mean they'd have to bring you back, or would they just do a bunch of name changes since some of the names were used in that last movie?


I certainly hope not. If they offer me the role, I won't turn it down, but I'd hate it. You see, there's nothing I hate more about my past then that stupid Devestator fiasco.

Let me tell you about combining, and why I hate it. Imagine feeling completely powerless, like a big marble statue, unable to move or do anything. Now imagine the biggest flock of pidgeons you've ever seen.

That's about what it's like to be Devestators arm. Essentially, it's like trying to take a nap, but 5 other guys are arguing in your head, and somebody keeps whacking your tailgate against something hard. And then sometimes they make you hold the gun, then blame you when you miss. If you haven't tried it, it's really freaken hard to shoot out of what is essentially your rear end. Especially when you're a bad shot anyway.

And the bickering. We Constructicons hate each other, and that's not just because of me. Scrapper is a freaken wuss, Hooks is a prick, Long Haul's dumb as all get out, Mixmaster is just plain obnoxious, and we don't talk about the other guy. Now throw all of us into the same head space, and essentially you have a bigger disaster than Megatron and Optimus's last peace talk.

In short, combining really SUCKS. Is it any wonder I ditched them to go out alone? And you stupid Transfans keep asking for more Devestator repaints, and since Hasbro still has their grubby hands on my good name, that means I get to keep seeing my name attached to these mix matched freaks.

I hate it.


Anonymous said...

You misspelled Devastator...

Kremzeek! said...

I got a blog! I got a blog! Hahahahaha!