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Saturday, May 10, 2008


The other day, Blitzwing, idiot sports nut that he is (Triple Takeover was indeed based on a real incident. Don't ask.), decided to try and convince me to play Golf.

Since I had nothing better to do, I agreed. Why I did, I'll never really know.

Let me tell you straight up: Golf is the single most boring, pointless sport in the history of the universe. Even Frungy makes a better game than golf.

90% of the time is sitting there staring at the other person, waiting for him to hit the stupid ball, while the remaining 10% is driving from ball to ball. You spend about .1% actually hitting the ball, and completely missing whatever the heck you were aiming for, unless it was water, in which case your ball goes right in, no problem.

Yeah, that's fun. Blitzwing couldn't understand why I hated it so much. He said something about it being a 'thinking 'bots game'. Meanwhile, all I could think about was how utterly boring it was.

It was, however, somewhat amusing to watch him fail to hit the ball out of a sand trap about 20 times. He used some very inventive curses. Guess you can learn something from Golf after all.


Kremzeek! said...

You gots to update, man!!!

Anonymous said...

Amusing to watch Blitzwing hit it outta the sandpit 20 times? Does that mean you thought it was funny? And if it was funny, you must have liked it! I thought you hated everything, man. Seriously, your hatred is a paradox. It makes my brain explode.