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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Couple More Comments on Go-Bots

Something I neglected to mention last Monday - not all of the Go-Bots were fictional.

Leader One was actually a Decepticon imbecile that tried to usurp Megatron. He paid of Swindle to get top dollar for the Go-Bots show. Starscream only wishes he thought that scheme up. Sadly for Leader-One, Go-Bots never took off, and his reputation was tarnished forever. So much so, that he got the wonderful joy to be Megatron's pet Minicon in Armada. He'll never forgive Hasbro for that. It's the only thing they ever did right.

Crasher too, is real. She's an Autobot on a technicality. But she dated Megatron, (And Starscream... and Soundwave... she aims high. Can you tell?) and so, she got the Bad-Guy reputation. She's... shall we say, difficult. There are words that describe her in your language, but I shall neglect to type them out. You can figure it our for yourself.

Scooter is also a real bot, cept we call him Wheelie. But you knew that.


Anonymous said...

Who are the Go-bots? Wait...don't answer that, I don't want to know.


Soundwave said...

Crasher deservvers her name <.<

Date her and your hard drive crashes.